Terms of Sale


Satisfaction Guarantee

 If you are not satisfied with the product(s) for any reason within seven (7) days of receipt, a full refund will be issued. To obtain a refund, you must notify customer support by email (support@corbincollars.com) or by phone (720-515-1426) within seven (7) days of receiving the product(s) for return instructions. Product(s) must be returned in original packaging and in new condition with no signs of wear. Customer is responsible for all return shipping cost. Corbin Collars LLC will issue a refund upon receipt and inspection of the product. Corbin Collars LLC reserves the right to deny refunds if product returned shows any signs of use or wear as determined by us.


 Corbin Collars LLC provides a one (1) year warranty for materials and craftsmanship on all products. Warranty claims will be approved or denied at our discretion after product is returned to us for inspection. Reasons for denying a warranty claim include (but are not limited to):

  • Damage or discoloration due to contact with water
  • Damage due to excessive abuse such as collars being chewed on or scratched
  • Discoloration due to excess exposure to the sun or other harmful elements

 Inspection of Items Upon Receipt

 It is your responsibility to examine the products when you receive them for mistakes or defects in craftmanship. Since each product is made to specifications provided to us (Corbin Collars LLC) by you (customer), returns or exchanges will only be granted for mistakes made by us. If an item is found to be damaged or incorrect, you must notify customer support by email (support@corbincollars.com) or by phone (720-515-1426) within seven (7) days of receipt.

Price and Payment

 Payments will be processed at time of order to reserve your spot in our production schedule. Payment must be made through an approved payment method. Any price quotations given by Corbin Collars LLC will be valid for the period stated on the quotation, with the exception that Corbin Collars LLC reserves the right to reject any sale for any reason, including for a misprint in the price quotation or advertisement. Prices advertised do not include shipping and handling or applicable sales taxes, which will be added to the price you pay.

 Order Cancellation Policy

To cancel an order you have placed with Corbin Collars LLC, you must contact customer support by email (support@corbincollars.com) or by phone (720-515-1426). Every effort will be made to accommodate the cancellation of your order as long as we have not yet started production on it.

When contacting customer support to cancel an order, please be ready to provide your name, the order number, and your contact information.

Please note that if production has been started on the item, the order cannot be canceled.


 All items will be shipped via USPS. Once your order is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.

Customer is responsible for any and all return shipping cost.